Saturday, March 04, 2006

yellow peril - next millenium edition

In the past year I have been told by "persons in authority" that Asian postal carriers are worse than non-Asian employees. Specifically, according to this person, they have no customer service aptitude. This was said to me on the phone with complete disregard for the possibility that I could be Asian, nevermind that total offensiveness of the sentiment. Now I have been told by another "person in authority" that Asian students are culturally addicted to plagiarism and I should be sensitive to this unavoidable fact. Whither the inscrutable Oriental, then? Very, very, very disturbing.

Friday, March 03, 2006

reSPEK authorITie

days like today make the wondershrub utterly comprehensible. also, just to be dramatic, guantanamo and the katrina disaster. yes, with authority comes responsibility, so all you eunichs in charge out there need to grow some nuts and get a clue or the pointy castrators like me are going to take over your fuckedup world. consider yourself warned.
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