Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fuck off, germs and students

OK, I am not getting sick again. My nose is not running. If I find out what fucker germed me, they are in some serious shit. As are my alleged grad students how seem to feel like the deserve a merit badge for going to an actual library. Or trying to look one book up in one library and then expecting to be spoon fed and burped until it is delivered to them by hand, together with a latte. Or, just for fun, how many times can I waste my breathe explaining a fucking footnote???? YOU ARE IN GRAD SCHOOL, PEOPLE. Get some fucking pride. I totally dropped the hammer on them today and they were so shocked. I am maybe 8 years older than most of them but I feel separated by a generations. I would be absolutely mortified to behave as they do, and they are absolutely feeling entitled. And there we are.


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